October 02, 2014

One Act Festival - 2014


Lewis & Clark College Theatre Department Presents




October 2 & 4 @  7pm

October 3 @ 7pm & 10pm


Fir Acres Black Box Theatre


VISIT THE BOX OFFICE for More Information 


“Edgar & Annabel” by Sam Holcroft  
Directed by Emily Gregory ’10

In a country closely resembling our own, in a time not too distant in the future, the freedoms of a once democratic state are now an illusion. the election is a sham. Free press is a memory. The new status quo is a totalitarian world older ruling with the iron fist of security surveillance. Everywhere privacy has been replaced with the computerized ears of Big Brother. The only option for a small resistance group is to hide in plain sight, assuming the roles of perfect, model citizens in perfect model homes as they bide their time and amass the tools of rebellion in the last place anyone would ever look…


“Life Under Water” by Richard Greenberg

Directed by Francesca Sparaco ’16

Life Under Water tells the story of the bourgeoisie life of three college age kids, and their older counterparts on summer vacation. These five people vacation in the Hamptons and reside in their lavish oceanfront villas before returning to the city for the fall. The play brings to life the ideas of upper middle sophistication, decadence, and a high level of self-indulgence in all things material and interpersonal. 


Questions:  theatre@lclark.edu