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Dorothy Berkson 6th Annual Writing Award in Gender Studies

April 24, 2014

  • Award recipients Laura Houlberg, ENVS, and Gus Wolff, POLS

Congratulations to graduating seniors Laura Houlberg, ENVS, and Gus Wolff, POLS, recipients of the 2014 Berkson Award in Gender Studies.

Laura was recognized for her work on her senior thesis, “Exclusive Environments: Transmisogyny in U.S. Environmentalism.”  Laura was recommended by Professor Kimberly Brodkin.

Gus was recognized for his GEND 440 essay “A Kind of Love: A Decade of Camp and Me.”   Gus was recommended by Professor Daena Goldsmith.

Gender Studies minors graduating in 2014 were also recognized:
Laura Blum, Elaine Fehrs, Robin Kuik, Taylor Leigh, Rachael Pace, Savannah Prentiss, Amy Rosenheim, Hannah Seibel, Anna Svoboda-Stel, Hanna White, and Gus Wolff.





Thank you to Dorothy Berkson’s family, friends, and  colleagues, whose generous contributions have made this award possible.

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