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Environmental Studies

AESS 2010: What shade of green are you?

September 30, 2009

Undergraduate Campus

The ENVS Program will launch its AESS 2010 Conference planning effort soon, so contact Jim Proctor if interested and check out our forum on the ENVS majors/minors page.  

Below is a quick blurb with our proposed theme: ideas?  Join us and contribute!


Conference Theme: Many Shades of Green

What does it mean to be green?  Now that discourse on environmentally friendly policies and practices is increasingly prominent, it’s obvious that green means many things. Environmental studies and sciences can help clarify the requirements and impacts of these many shades of green, so that better choices can be made. This year’s AESS Conference will feature keynote presentations, paper sessions, panel discussions, field trips, and other opportunities for exchange on what green means in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

For more information:

Jim Proctor, ENVS