October 07, 2013

Students of Russian volunteer in Russian Community

Students of Russian from Lewis & Clark volunteered in Russian Community in Portland on Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Students of Russian Scout Mills and Elise Loughran joined Tatiana Osipovich, Professor of Russian, and Irina Rednikova, Russian LA on Sunday Oct 6th, to help teach children from Russian and Ukrainian-speaking families how to read and write in their parents’ language.  The program is part of an initiative of the Association of Slavic Immigrants, USA, and is run by the president of the organization’s local chapter, Galina Nekrasova.  Over 30 students of Russian or other Slavic heritage, ages 6 to 14, are participating in the free classes, staffed entirely by volunteers, on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Lewis & Clark students of Russian will continue to volunteer until the end of the fall semester.


See more pictures of our students in action here.