October 03, 2013

One-Act Festival - 2013

Thursday, Oct 3, 7:00pm
Friday, Oct 4, 7:00pm
Saturday, Oct 5, 7:00pm

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Written and directed by a diverse mix of current Lewis & Clark students and alumni, this year’s One Act Festival includes three world premier plays.  With themes ranging from conflicting views on a family legacy to the trials of a young couple on the threshold of marriage to a family dealing with the aftermath of a suicide, all three plays promise a thought provoking look at the human condition.

Middle Names
by Corey O’Hara (LC ’13)
Directed by Nate Cohen (LC ’13)

In a dilapidated motel room in the middle of nowhere, four young people try to come to terms with the choices they’ve made.  They dig into their identities, their morality, and the tragic death that has united them for a brief moment.  Covered in wet paint, cocaine, and the sweat of the desert, lines are drawn in the dust. 

One Without the Other
by Devan Wardrop-Saxton (LC ’13)
Directed by Sullivan Mackintosh (LC ’15)

Siblings Nora and Peter arrive at their grandfather’s Ohio home to prepare for his funeral. There, Peter confronts Nora about a disturbing discovery, and together they struggle to find a balance between honoring the good and recognizing the bad - can you have one without the other?

Field Trip
by Charlotte Markle (LC ’15)
Directed by Irene Handley (LC ’13)

Natalia and her boyfriend Alexander have the perfect relationship. But when Alexander starts to question whether Natalia will love him if he stops being perfect, he takes her on an impromptu field trip. He hopes this trip will validate their love but what will happen if it backfires?