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2013 Stephanie Fowler & Irving Levin Summer Internship Award Recipients

May 15, 2013

Sharon Almonte

My name is Sharon Almonte and I am a rising senior double majoring in History and Hispanic Studies and minoring in Latin American Studies. This summer, I will be interning at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH) as the Research and Curatorial Intern. I will work with the Archival department staff to input archives into their databases. Part of my intern duties are: conducting archival and exhibit research, organizing and describing historical documents and artifacts throughout the museum, developing and designing exhibit-related curatorial narratives and resources, and providing the Archival department support. I look forward to getting a hands-on experience at the LAMOTH in order to better prepare myself for my future endeavors.

Haley Best

My name is Haley and I am a rising junior studying History. I will be interning this summer at the Portland Archives and Records Center (PARC) in downtown Portland. PARC holds a vast quantity of documents and objects from the history of Portland and the Northwest. As a records center, PARC is also a database of governmental records. During this internship I will be assisting the archivists with categorizing, processing, and documenting new additions to the archives as well as adding to the electronic and online database. I hope to learn the inner workings of an archive and how to use this type of resource for future research. This internship is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the life of a Historian.

McKay Campbell

I am a rising senior economic major at L&C. This summer, I’ll be interning with a non-profit community development organization called The Tamarindo Foundation in the rural community of Guarjila in Northern El Salvador. The Tamarindo provides community programs ranging from weekly hockey games and women’s wellness programs to Sunday trash pick-ups. Perhaps more importantly, the Tamarindo serves as a safe alternative and a support network for a community that struggles with crime, drug use, and emigration to the US. While in Guarjila, I will be serving as the Female Programs Intern, developing curriculum to engage teenage women in Tamarindo community center programs. I hope to work in community economic development post-graduation and am excited for the life experience and professional development that this opportunity will provide me with.

Joey Carmichael

I am a rising senior from Vermont studying philosophy at L&C. Both my work in philosophy and my time in college have instilled an interest in journalism in me. This summer I am excited to be able to pursue that interest: I will be interning in New York City at, the website for Popular Science (the magazine). (primarily,though not exhaustively) covers cutting-edge science and personal technology.

As an intern, my main duty will be to establish a reference page for the website. This reference page will enable readers to look up definitions of terms and concepts in articles and should, therefore, enhance the reader experience. I will also work on a weekly newsletter and may have the opportunity to write a few “newsy” stories. Aside from the duties, I am thrilled to be surrounded by successful journalists and to explore New York City for a summer.

Natalie Delsemme

I am a rising junior studying Political Science at Lewis and Clark College. Over the summer of 2013, I will be interning with the Domestic Violence Unit of the King County Prosecutor’s Office in Seattle. At this internship, I will be assisting in the analysis and preparation of witness testimony and evidence for trial. I am interested a career in law and am excited to have the opportunity to explore and network in the field so early in my college career.

Ciara Dolan

My name is Ciara Dolan and I am a rising junior Rhetoric & Media Studies major. This summer I will be a publicity intern at Sub Pop Records in Seattle. Sub Pop has been a highly influential west coast record label since its creation in 1986. One of the earliest bands Sub Pop signed and perhaps the most notable is Nirvana. Other notable bands Sub Pop has signed include Mudhoney, Soundgarden, the Shins, Fleet Foxes, the Postal Service, Blitzen Trapper, and many more! My duty as a publicity intern will be to track bands signed to Sub Pop on social media sites, magazines, and any other medium through which they might be mentioned. I will read reviews of albums and concerts, interviews, and any other information that signals an upward or downward trend in the bands’ popularity. The Publicity department at a record label is focused primarily on the success of its bands, which it does by using the media, tours, radio stations, interviews, etc. to get the bands’ names into public consciousness. Publicity’s goal is creating and maintaining a fan base for bands signed to the label, which requires good advertising that comes with business sense and creativity. I have aspirations to work in the music industry after college, particularly in publicity. My internship at Sub Pop will provide me with invaluable experience that will prepare me for a career in this field.

Nick Grasso

I am a senior Philosophy major with an Art minor, and made the move to Portland after growing up on the east coast in Maryland and Vermont. I have a deep love for design and the process of making in many contexts. This fascination led me to Beam & Anchor, the collaborative design studio and workspace where I will be interning this summer. I will be helping to develop two new lines of branded objects under the Beam & Anchor name, as well as helping with R&D, brand management, and research for two furniture design studios housed in the space. I am using this opportunity to learn not just about design but also how small businesses are created and maintained from the ground up.

Joyce Iwashita

My name is Joyce Iwashita and I am an International Affairs and Economics major. This summer, with the support of the Fowler and Levin Summer Internship Award, I will intern at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs (OCAL). Though far from home, I am excited and ecstatic for the opportunity to spend my summer in Washington, D.C. OCAL functions to represent the Secretary and Department to Congress, as well as provide information and assistance to Congress as they exercise their oversight and legislative activities. Through my internship, I will gain a better understanding of how federal departments work with Congress while being able to assist projects that have a national impact on America’s Veterans and their families.

Brooke Jordy

I am currently a Lewis & Clark sophomore majoring in Political Science. I will spend the summer interning for the Taos Community Foundation. Located in Northern New Mexico, the TCF is a nonprofit organization committed to organizing donations to fund identified community needs. I will be helping the Foundation redevelop their Youth Advisory Committee, which works to spread youth philanthropy and fund youth-oriented programs in Taos. I hope to establish an understanding about the nonprofit business structure by working with donor services and learning how to respond to challenges in an underserved community.

Kyle McCall

For a few years I’ve been racing bikes and while living in France this past semester and riding the beautiful roads and mountains of Europe I decided that I want to try and make a career out of it. The internship I’m doing combines my passion for bikes and my love of words; I will be writing race reports, blog updates, and generally managing the PR world for the Oregon cycling team HPChiro-RPM Mortgage. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Kara Nelson

I am a rising Senior at Lewis and Clark College. I am an International Affairs major with a minor in Chinese. This summer, I will be interning with the Pacific Asian Affairs Council. As the World Affairs Council of Hawaii, the Pacific Asian Affairs Council works to promote greater understanding of foreign affairs, specifically focusing on Hawaii’s role in the changing international community. As an intern, I will be in charge of organizing the visits of international leaders, dignitaries, and professors to speak at various Hawaii events in hopes of promoting cultural sharing and providing the people of Hawaii a deeper understanding of international issues. As an intern, I hope this internship will build networks and aid in finding a future job in the field of international relations.

Nick Pimentel

A rising Junior studying Rhetoric and Media Studies and Philosophy. Born in San Francisco, raised in Sonoma Valley, I developed an interest in manipulating language first with the lyrics of my songs but quickly learned to apply the skill in conversation. While hiking with my brother in Muir Woods this past summer, I met the head of publicity at the Rachael Ray Show. This summer I’ll be in New York interning for her in the PR department at the Rachael Ray Show. Among other tasks, I’ll be writing press releases and monitoring the show’s presence on social media platforms, primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I imagine fetching coffee and filing papers will also be a portion of my responsibilities. Regardless, I’m excited to sit in on writing sessions and contribute to the phrasing of releases to achieve resonance based on our understanding of the target demographic. Erasmus has a rhetorical theory that states we should have a Copia of style, or a storehouse of language, ready to apply in any given context. I am confident in my Copia and am now prepared to apply it as well as aid in its growth.

Kaylin Preston

I am a rising senior majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. This summer and will be interning at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal. I will work alongside professors of the History and Archeology departments to organize a large cultural festival that will showcase the variety of cultures and ethnicities of Senegal, specifically the minority groups, to promote intercultural peace and understanding. The festival, La Journée Culturelle, is one part of a larger project, created by Dr. Sall, to create a research center (Le Centre International de Recherche sur l’Ecologie Culturelle (CIREC)) in Casamance, the southern-most region of Senegal. In addition I will help create a community service resource center for university students, promoting and planning service events.

Ben Small

This sumer I’ll be working at the Portland based non-profit City Repair helping with the annual Village Building Convergence place-making festival and working with founder Mark Lakeman to gather data on past place-making projects. I’m excited to be involved with City repair because the organization combines fundamental urban planning knowledge and traditional natural building techniques to create unique spaces within neighborhoods. Place-making projects can be anything from treehouses to straw-bale and clay structures, however the most popular place-making project is intersection painting where crews of paint-brush weilding neighbors occupy an intersection for a day and paint a design on it designed to slow traffic. My work at City Repair will be a mix of active engagement in the community and behind the desk work helping City Repair run smoothly. I’ll be doing everything from making maps about City Repair’s past projects to interviewing project leaders about the success of their own place-making projects. I’m excited to use map making and interview skills I’ve learned at Lewis and Clark while exploring interesting parts of Portland and getting to know the people who call this city home.

Amanda Stewart

My name is Amanda Stewart, and I am a junior History and German Studies double major. This summer I will be interning at the Deutsches Auswanderer Haus, or German Emigration Museum, in Bremerhaven, Germany. There I will be doing a wide variety of things, including: giving tours in English, working on an exhibition about German emigration to Australia, researching with English-language sources about German emigration, marketing and public relations in English, and working in the permanent exhibition. I am very excited that I got this internship, as I am very interested in pursuing research-related fields after college, and also because it combines my love for German Studies and History perfectly.

Taylor Wallau

I am a rising senior majoring in English Literature and Studio Art (with a concentration in painting), and this summer I will be working as an editorial intern for McSweeney’s in San Francisco, California. McSweeney’s is an independent publishing company founded by Dave Eggers. In addition to operating a “daily humor website,” they publish quarterly journals, as well as a growing selection of fiction and nonfiction books. Eggers is a noted American novelist, essayist, journalist, screenwriter, and editor, who currently lives and works in San Francisco. As an editorial intern, I will be reading submissions, fact checking for various publications, researching for articles, organizing contracts, and brainstorming ideas for events. In addition, interns are encouraged to create their own projects, so I will be able to find my own creative niche, while also exploring all of the resources that McSweeney’s has to offer. Although I would be grateful for any opportunity to work with a publishing company, McSweeney’s is by far the perfect match, given my interests in English and art; they are well known for their striking creativity, particularly through the use of visual art and design to enhance the production of literary works. Ideally, I hope to pursue a career that somehow combines my passions in the visual and literary arts, and book production allows for the perfect opportunity to do that.

Hanna White

I am a rising senior majoring in Rhetoric & Media Studies and minoring in Gender Studies. This summer, I’ll be interning with Bitch Media, a nonprofit feminist media organization right here in Portland, OR, as an archive and blogging intern. Bitch is currently working on an overhaul of their website, and I will be helping them to digitize articles from old print issues of their magazine to make them available online. I will also be writing 1-2 blog articles for the website per week myself. I look forward to being an active participant in a feminist workspace and getting professional experience in archival work and social media.

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