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2013 Rogers Research Program Brown-Bag Presentations

May 10, 2013

Olin Hall

Tuesdays 12:00-1:15, Olin 301
Presentations are free and open to the public
Dessert provided

Students discuss their research projects during a series of brown-bag talks on Tuesdays in June and July. Each presentation is 15 minutes; there are generally 3-4 talks per session. For more information about projects see project descriptions.



Parallel computing with higher-level languages and compelling examples
Student presenters: Kyle Barton, Samuel Dodson, Ben Whitehead
Faculty collaborator: Jens Mache

Cybersecurity Competition Platform to Enhance Security Analysis Skills
Student presenters: Miles Crabill, Evan Damon, Kaleb Ganz, Claire Humbeutel
Faculty collaborator: Jens Mache

Fundamental Mechanistic Investigations of (Pseudo)pericyclic and (Pseudo)coarctate Reactions via CASSCF, CASPT2, and DFT Computational Studies
Student presenter: Mackenzie Batali, Henry Kreiman
Faculty collaborator: James A. Duncan



Conducting Research Responsibility
Sarah Schaack, Reed College



Investigating Forest Recovery in River View Natural Area After Removal of Invasive Plant Species
Student presenters: Michelle Garfias, Janel Hull
Faculty collaborators: Paulette Bierzychudek, Peter Kennedy

Research in the Vocal and Auditory Learning Laboratory
Student presenter: Devin Owen
Faculty collaborator: Christopher Olson

Design and analysis of bipartite inhibitors of proprotein convertases
Student presenter: Josh Spegman
Faculty collaborator: Ujwal Shinde

Investigations of Response Inhibition and Risky Behaviors in Young Adults and Preschool-aged Children
Student presenters: Melissa Newton-Mora, Juliana Pirkle
Faculty collaborator: Todd D. Watson


Using Laser Noise to Build a Magnetometer
Student presenters: Alaina Green, Aojie Zheng
Faculty collaborator: Shannon O’Leary

Using Holographic Optical Tweezers to Study Microbubble Dynamics
Student presenter: Amaya Lucas, Reuben Peterson
Faculty collaborator: Shannon O’Leary

Super-resolution microscopy studies of mechanisms underlying delivery of dense-core granules to synapses in hippocampal neurons
Student presenter: Benjamin Robinson
Faculty collaborator: Bethe A. Scalettar




Constructing cellular compartments during embryonic development
Student presenters: Alec Barrett, Logan Harper, Kent Tubbs, My Van Vo, Heidi Wade
Faculty collaborator: Greg J. Hermann

Ribosome biogenesis and export
Student presenters: Ben Herken, Ryan McBride, Becca Zilk
Faculty collaborators: Deborah E. Lycan, Jason Merwin

Serious Games for Scaffolding Creative Problem Solving and Motivating Healthy Behaviors
Student presenters: Desiree Etzel, Steven Lucas, Marjorie Pichon
Faculty collaborator: Erik Nilsen



Controlled Growth of Metal /Metal Oxide Thin Film Composite Electrodes for Energy Storage and Generation
Student presenters: Keira Roberts, Luciano Santino
Faculty collaborator: Anne K. Bentley

Statistical Artificial Intelligence and the Game of Go
Student presenters: Brandon Cieslak, Kal Johnson, Samuel Kelly, San Levenick
Faculty collaborator: Yung-Pin Chen, Peter Drake



Computational models of hair bundles in the inner ear
Student presenters: Daniel Blasher, Sreyhiek Seng
Faculty collaborator: Liz Stanhope

Synaptic Secretion of Neuromodulatory Proteins from Dense-Core Granules
Student presenter: Sarah Lowenstein
Faculty collaborator: Janis E. Lochner

Mapping neuronal circuitry using Brainbow zebrafish 
Student presenters: Kyla Hamling, Audrey Smith, Teresa Stackhouse, Jonathan Torres, Derek Warner-Reyes, Leah Weston
Faculty collaborator: Tamily Weissman-Unni



Image-guided Setup Reproducibility for Lung and Liver Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy
Student presenters: Mayadah Yahya
Faculty collaborator: James Tanyi

Structural Studies and Functional Characterization of Neurotoxic Venom Peptides from Sicariidae Spiders
Student presenters: Kathryn George, Francesca Goodstein
Faculty collaborator: Nikolaus Loening

Genetic and Environmental Impact on Learning and Memory and Anxiety
Student presenters: Alicia Callejo-Black
Faculty collaborator: Jacob Raber

Contributions to Infant Intention Understanding
Student presenters: Caitlin McCormick, Kaitlyn True, Mark Brown
Faculty collaborator: Jennifer LaBounty