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Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Venture Competition Team: Rose Tally

April 16, 2013

  • Mayadah Yahya
    Mayadah Yahya
  • Hibaq Adan
    Hibaq Adan
Team members:
  • Mayadah Yahya CAS ’15
  • Hibaq Adan CAS ’15
  • Abdullah Yahya
Project synopsis:

The mission of this venture is to provide a hassle free way for daily remembrance through rings; an accessory used by a majority of people daily. This venture will allow for religious remembrance in a stress free and convenient manner. In reality this ring will be a mechanical rosary bead that can be used by everyone anytime of the day easily and without hassle. This ring will appeal to peoples taste in fashion, while also appealing to their spiritual and religious needs; two aspects of life that are here to stay. This venture will provide a hassle free way to keep in touch with a religious and spiritual nature through the convenient daily use of rings.

As a group we will create an aesthetically pleasing ring that fits today’s ring market, with the ability to act as a tally for remembrance. Our consumer base is extremely large, because this venture will be appealing to Muslims who are required to make remembrance a specified number of times each day. The ring will provide a method to make the daily remembrances in a hassle free manner, through the integration of a ring, an object used by many daily. Through this venture we will be appealing to a large niche market that is not being served to its fullest capacity.