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Venture Competition Team: Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

April 16, 2013

  • Amber Buker
    Amber Buker
  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales
  • Ken Katzaroff
    Ken Katzaroff
Team members:
  • Mark David Banner, law student
  • Amber Buker, law student
  • Aaron Gonzales, law student
  • Ken Katzaroff, law student
  • Sean Kirkpatrick Clancy, law student
Project synopsis:

Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (“OVLA”) will help Portland’s artists create fearlessly by providing legal services and education, while fostering synthesis between lawyers, students, and creatives.

OVLA’s goals are

  • to ensure access to effective legal counsel for artists and arts organizations with limited resources;

  • to educate Portland’s artistic and legal communities on art-related business and legal issues;

  • to introduce law students and young lawyers to the practice of art-related law while instilling appreciation for pro bono work; and

  • to strengthen cooperative relationships between Portland’s legal, business, education, and artistic communities.

OVLA will accomplish its goals by

  • hosting clinics where artists and arts organizations can meet with an attorney to discuss legal issues;

  • creating a network of volunteer attorneys to provide pro bono legal services for artists and nonprofit arts organizations with limited resources;

  • developing a website with educational information that facilitates research on art-related legal issues;

  • conducting seminars, workshops, and other programs on legal and business issues for artists and arts organizations; and

  • immersing law students in OVLA’s activities in order to develop practical experience with art-related law.