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Exciting Changes in East Asian Studies

March 06, 2013

Students Interested in East Asian Studies:
We’d like to announce a couple of exciting changes and additions to the East Asian Studies program for the coming year. For students interested in minoring, we have removed the language requirement for the minor.  Minors must now take two “foundation” courses on East Asia that provide a comparative perspective and three general courses that focus on Japan, China and/or Korea.  The major is changing slightly as well, with the reduction in language requirements to two years.
We will also have two exciting new additions to the faculty.  Religious Studies has hired a scholar who researches religion in Japan.  She will be teaching a class on Buddhism in the fall.  We also have a one-year Korean Studies faculty member coming who will be teaching courses on Korean contemporary culture.  We don’t know the exact information yet, but it will be taught in the T-Th 1:50-3:20 time slot, at the 200 level.  Once this is finalized, we will let you know. 
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Asian Studies

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