January 10, 2013

Brian and Jerusha’s book “Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology: A Team-Based Guide” is Published!

Highlight of the recently published book Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology: A Team-Based Guide by professors Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell.

Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology offers an engaging journey through the process of conducting research in psychology. Using an innovative team-based approach, this hands-on guide will assist undergraduates with their research—in their courses and in collaboration with faculty or graduate student mentors. The focus on this team-based approach reflects the collaborative nature of research methods and experimental psychology. Students learn how to work as a team, generate creative research ideas, design and pilot studies, recruit participants, collect and analyze data, write up results in APA style, and prepare and give formal research presentations.

Students also learn practical ways in which they can promote their research skills as they apply to jobs or graduate school. A unique feature to this book is the ability to read chapters of the text either sequentially or separately, which allows the instructor or research mentor the flexibility to assign those chapters most relevant to the current state of the research project.


Link to the book on Amazon.com: