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Professor Joel Wellington Fisher’s work featured in a group exhibition

November 06, 2012

Professor Fisher is part of a group exhibition titled AD/HD that also includes work by Curran Hatleberg and Justin Thomas Leonard.

The show opens on Friday, November 9th and runs through November 22nd. 

“The group exhibition AD/HD, by Curran Hatleberg and the collobartive duo Justin Thomas Leonard and Joel Fisher has made its way to the Donut District, spreading a midwestern dijon between two slices of gallery sugar bread: KNOWMOREGAMES and PRIMETIME. Creased and folded into two exhibits, “AD”and “HD” buckles the attention disorder right. Wether or not regional specificity like Western Ohio or Greater Detroit is familiar to you, 

What’s a Swing state of mind? 

Ohio and Michigan 
It turns into something else when the sun goes down. 
I just got here, so you know. 

These photos are all filled with strangers and their strange places.
This place seems toxic. 
Hi I’m _____ can I, uh I wanted to take a picture of _____. 
Nice place to visit. 
Put some sugar all over it, then go do something else for a while. 
Rub yourself into it. 
People have really taken over this area. 
What’s good to eat around here? 

What keeps y’all together? 
This is a place I don’t want to remember. 
If you stand there long enough, you’ll know more about where you are. 

Don’t know the way to know how all of these things came to happen here. 
No one seems to take responsibility for the future of these folks. 
I talked to em though, got along ok.”

Something “same” is coming 
What else you gonna do for fun? 
Work harder than thieves 
Closed at dark 
Ain’t got sh$# between your fingers.


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