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Interview with Board of Alumni President Frank Dillow

September 28, 2012

Board of Alumni President Frank Dillow, BS ‘68, JD ‘77, talks about why he gives back to L&C through board service. Learn more about the Board of Alumni and board nominations.

Q. Could you tell us a little about what the Board of Alumni does?

F.D. The alumni board works on behalf of all alumni by participating in the greater Lewis & Clark College community.  We do that by representing the interests of the entire alumni community, as well as by fostering the direct involvement and participation of the alumni, in the ongoing programs and decisions of the college, particularly those with a direct impact on alumni.  This includes providing opportunities for alumni networking among themselves and with current students and faculty, providing information to alumni on college and alumni activities and encouraging continuing alumni financial support for the college and student scholarships.
Q. Why did you decide to be involved with the board?

F.D.  I have been fortunate to have maintained contact with the college since my graduation in 1968. This includes a law degree from the Law School (then known as Northwestern School of Law) in 1977, and regular participation in political science programs initiated by my former academic adviser, lifetime mentor, and friend, Donald Balmer, professor emeritus. When I lived in Seattle from 1985-1995 I became acquainted with Michael Ford, who was then alumni director (currently associate vice president for student life), and worked to restart the alumni group in Seattle. Since moving to Washington, D.C. in 1995, I have been involved with alumni here and with the D.C. study program, of which I was a part in its first year in 1965.   
Q. What projects are you most proud of during your tenure on the board?

F.D.  Three programs have been particularly significant. 
The first, under the leadership of past board members Dana Plautz ‘82 and Amelia Wilcox ‘81, has been the formalizing of the student mentoring programs, generally under the heading of Careers for Pioneers, but also including ancillary services such as job counseling, mentoring, resume reviews, mock job interviews, etc., which work to forge a greater personal connection between the alumni and students.

The second is the implementation of a financial commitment by the alumni board members, initiated by board member George Kline BA ‘99 and others. He spearheaded the effort to have each of the members of the Board to commit to and provide personal financial support to the college.  This leadership has led to a more active role in overall alumni giving efforts and support to the college in their financing activities.

Third, I have been very pleased by the support of the board to the various alumni activities such as the Black and Orange parties, the Reunion Weekend activities and Homecoming.
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