April 24, 2013

Theatre Thesis Festival - 2013

Capstone Projects created/directed/designed by Senior Theatre Majors

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Program A
- Wednesday, April 24 & Friday, April 26

 by Georg Buchner
Directed by Devan Wardrop-Saxton

Forced by poverty into serving as a medical test subject, mocked mercilessly by his superiors in the military, and in love with a woman who is growing unhappy with their life together, Woyzeck is becoming increasingly trapped by the combined forces of his own mental fragility and the casual cruelty of his community - it is only a matter of time before he breaks.

The Lonesome West
 by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Asher Ely

In the western Irish town of Leenane, two siblings resume their violent feud in the aftermath of their father’s mysterious death.

How I Learned to Drive
 by Paula Vogel
Directed by Irene Handley

How I Learned to Drive follows Li’l Bit, a young woman from rural Maryland, on a journey through her teenage years as it explores the complexities of the pedophilic relationship she had with her Uncle Peck. This relationship gives insight into the effects of betrayal by those we trust.

Program B - Thursday, April 25 & Saturday, April 27

Italian-American Reconciliation
by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Nate Cohen

John Patrick Shanley’s Italian-American Reconciliation is a comedic yet heartfelt story of a man’s attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife and rediscover himself and his capacity to love in the process. He is reluctantly aided in this endeavor by his commitment-shy best friend who just might learn what it means to love as well.

And Baby Makes Seven
 (selected scenes) by Paula Vogel
Directed by Joseph Reed

Ruth, Anna, and Peter and their three imaginary children share a city apartment and prepare for the arrival of their baby. Together they playfully explore what it means to be a family and how to deal with the problems of modern living. 

Thom Pain (based on nothing)
by Will Eno

Performed by Matthew Tratos

Thom Pain is a trying man. He is trying to save your life, by saving his own. In this one-man show, Thom Pain brings you into his life and the pain and joy that he has experienced throughout it. In this rumination on the difficulties of life, you are challenged to witness the beauty within the turmoil.

PRESENTATIONS (all at 5pm):
Wednesday, April 24: Is Anyone Listening?  An Investigation into Contemporary Theatre Sound

Presenter:  Nick Erickson

What is sound design and what is it doing in theater? Theater and sound have always had a partnership in storytelling ranging from the actor’s voice, to a clap of thunder, to a subsonic rumble of the spinning earth. Yet, the sound designer is a relatively new collaborator in theatre design. This multimedia presentation will attempt to answer the questions of what sound design is, how it is being used in contemporary theater, and what kind of demands it makes on audience members.

Thursday, April 25: Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus: A Theoretical Design
Presenter: A. Ian Mannix

How does one design a classical tragedy for a contemporary audience?  What are the problems involved?  This presentation proposes and explains a design concept for a tragedy by Aeschylus.  The play dramatizes the classical myth of the Titan, bound to a rock at the edge of the world as punishment for giving humanity the gift of fire. It examines the nature of heroic perseverance in the face of ultimate destruction. This theoretical design seeks to illuminate the duality of the protagonist as well as critique our perceptions of myth and martyrdom. 

Friday, April 26: Striving for Life
Presenter: Taylor Finch

What is contemporary puppetry?  How is it practiced and how is it different from traditional puppetry?  This presentation explores the history and practice of contemporary puppetry as told through wiry critters and shadowy figures.

Saturday, April 27 - 2pm: The Waiting Room by Brian Cutler

Can we ever escape from our past, or better yet, even negotiate with it?  This staged reading of an original full-length play explores our ongoing conversation with those who have passed from our lives but still continue to impact it.  Two groups of characters, one in therapy and the other in limbo after death, seek to move on by discovering whether the key to their predicament lies in the opposing group. 

Saturday, April 27 - 4:30pm: Let’s Talk About Our Feeelings by Corey O’Hara

A former-Narwhal struggles to come to terms with his new life above the ocean after mysteriously losing his tusk.