October 04, 2012

One-Act Festival - 2012

Thursday, Oct 4, 7:30pm
Friday, Oct 5, 7:30pm and 10:00pm
Saturday, Oct 6, 7:30pm

For this year’s one-act festival, we are featuring two student directors, one student playwright, and one professional playwright.  The theme of the evening is:  the written word.

The Farmer and The Flagon: a Romance

by Warren Kluber, ’12
Directed by Irene Handley, ’13

A comedy about literacy in the Middle Ages, the play combines Pythonesque humor with a serious exploration of the meaning of literacy.  Claude, the gentle pig farmer, and Guinevere, a fellow serf, are in love.  But Guinevere can read, and she must overcome Claude’s resistance to the written word and to symbolism in general.  In the meantime, the mute and bullied Nicole has her eyes on Claude as well, and she has a number of secrets that will affect both Claude and Guinevere.  Will this love triangle get sorted out?  Will Claude learn to read?  And what will change if he does?

The Author’s Voice

by Richard Greenberg
Directed by Brian Cutler, ’13 

Handsome, successful novelist Todd is being pursued by his beautiful editor, Portia, who wants to know all about him and his creative process. But Todd harbors a secret about his creative process. The secret is hid in the closet. In the closet is Gene, a twisted gnome of a man, who is the real creator of Todd’s success. As Todd’s star rises - will his secret ever come out of the closet?