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Gender Studies Symposium

April 10, 1989

Undergraduate Campus

Monday, April 10, 1989

9-10:25 A.M., Thayer Rooms
Women and International Development
Moderator: Clarence Davis, dean of the college, Lewis & Clark
Michael Walker, L&C student, “Feminism and Development: A ‘Human’ Connection.”
Madeline McNeely, L&C student, “How Does Capitalism Affect Rural West African Women?”
Molly Sturges, L&C student, “Rural Development in Senegal: An Exploration of the Sine-Saloum Rural Health Care Project”
Stephen Senyonga, visiting Fulbright scholar, University of Illinois, “Women in Development: The Case of Uganda”

9-10:25 A.M., Council Chamber
Female Sexuality in the 18th-Century Novel
Moderator: Robert Markley, assistant professor of English, University of Washington
David Levenstein, teaching assistant, English, University of Washington, “Prostitutes in the Rise of the Novel”
Martha Koehler, teaching assistant, English, University of Washington, “Vision, Appropriation, and the Phallus in Cleland’s Fanny Hill”
Dana Orchin, teaching assistant, English, University of Washington, “Spinster Baiting in the 18th-Century Novel”

10:30-11:55 A.M., Thayer Rooms
Perspectives on Indian Women
Moderator: David Savage, associate professor of history, Lewis & Clark
Mika Fukuda, L&C student, “indian Women and the Poetry of Protest: A Personal Journey of Discovery and Definition”
Renee Shirley, L&C student, “Changing Patterns for Muslim Women in India”
Nancy Whitmore, L&C student, “Is Kali a Feminist Symbol?”
Carol Shaw, L&C student, “Indian Women and the Family”

10:30-11:55 A.M., Council Chamber
The Woman Writer in the Late 18th and 19th Centuries
Moderator: Beth Elliot, L&C student
Karyn Ott, Oakland, California, “The Invisible Woman: Strategies of Physical Concealment and Exposure in Fanny Burney’s Evelina”
Heidi Hunter, Hunter College, “Evelina and the Problem of the Female Grotesque”
Sangeeta Ray, graduate student, University of Washington, “Harriet Martineau: Victorian Feminist and Orthodox Orientalist”

Noon-12:55 P.M., Council Chamber
Pornography in Popular Women’s Magazines?
Robert Goldman, associate professor of sociology, Lewis & Clark, introduced by Courtney Ferrari, L&C student

Noon-12:55 P.M., Stamm Dining Room
Women’s Poetry Reading
Moderator: Tracy Lease, L&C student
Featuring works of Shannon Casey, Meg Daly, Heather Isleib, Barbara Lamb, Tracy Lease, Marcia Stanard, Beth Yohalem, and other L&C students

1-2:25 P.M., Stamm Dining Room
What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape–Narrative, Cultural Context, and Women’s Experience
Joanne Mulcahy,
coordinator, Oregon Folk Arts & Folklife Program, Lewis & Clark, “The Change is in the Telling: Women’s Stories About Sexual Abuse”
Discussants: Kristine Aker, Sara Gibson, L&C students, and Deborah Holton, Portland Women’s Crisis Line

1-2:25 P.M., Thayer Rooms
Women Writing Before 1800
Moderator: Jack Hart, associate dean, Lewis & Clark
Katie May, L&C student, “Crossing Gender Boundaries: A Woman’s Eye View of Love Through the Sonnet”
Laurie Finke, associate professor of English, Lewis & Clark, “The Scene of Writing: Gender, Voice, and Literary in The Book of Margery Kempe”
Robert Markley, assistant professor of English, University of Washington, “Politics and Passion in the Plays of Aphra Behn”

2:30-3:25 P.M., Thayer Rooms
Voices and Visions in Contemporary African American Drama
Moderator: John Callahan, professor of English, Lewis & Clark
Nilgun Anadolu Okur, visiting Fulbright scholar, Temple University, “Voices and Visions in Charles Fuller’s Play We
Molefi Kete Asante, professor, Temple University, “Afrocentricity and Gender Identity: the Transformation of Image”

2:30-3:25 P.M., Council Chamber
Stress Levels
Moderator: David Martinsen, professor of biology, Lewis & Clark
Michele Moe, L&C student, “Reevaluating PMS”
Lynne Johanson, L&C student, “Attitudes Toward Cohabitation And Marriage Among Lewis & Clark Students”

5:30 P.M., Council Chamber
The Literary Canon: The Writer or the Sex?
Dale Spender,
author and speaker on feminist theory, criticism, and history

7:30 p.m., Main Stage, Fir Acres Theatre
Change 2: Faith Ringgold’s 100-Pound-Plus Weight Loss Performance
Faith Ringgold,
artist, visiting faculty member, University of California at San Diego; Guggenheim fellow


9-10:25 A.M., Thayer Rooms
The Aesthetic of Resistance
Moderator: Steve Knox, professor of English, Lewis & Clark
Grant Lemke, L&C student, “Voice and Vision in Cassandra”
Jen Welsh, L&C student, “Criticism as Revision”

Kathleen Immel, L&C student, “Sexual Hegemony in Pornography and Fine Art”

9-10:25 A.M., Council Chamber
Commodity Fetishism
Moderator: Michael Flower, director, Science, Technology, and Values Program, Lewis & Clark
Bertrand Pellegrin, L&C ‘88, “All You Need to Be Is You: Women and Commodity Self in Advertising”
Clarissa Hsu, L&C student, “Music Videos and the Postmodern Aesthetic: The Obfuscation of Sexism”
Deborah Heath, assistant professor of anthropology, and Robert Goldman, associate professor of sociology, Lewis & Clark, “Engendering Computer Technology: The Representation of Social Relationships in Computer Advertisements”

10:30-11:55 A.M., Thayer Rooms
Unraveling Gender in the 19th Century
Modcrator: Michael Morton, L&C student
Catherine Clay, lecturer in history, Lewis & Clark, “Unraveling Gender and Sexuality in 19th-Century Imperial Russia”
Larrv Lipin, instructor in history, Lewis & Clark, “The Working Class and Victorian Womanhood: The Lurid Trial of Ira G. Strunk”
Henry Bair, professor of history, Lewis & Clark, “The Nobleman and the Fisherman: Social Class and Homosexuality in Imperial Germany”

10:30-11:55 A.M., Council Chamber
Sexuality and Gender in the Arts
Molly Sturges, L&C Student
Marcia Stanard, L&C student, “Female Sexuality in Women’s Plays”
Beth Hutchison, teaching -assistant, English, University of Washington, “Toward a Working Use of the Terms ‘Simulation and ‘Masquerade’: The Case of VictorlVictoria”
Peter Murphy, assistant professor of cultural studies, Empire State College, “John Hawkes: Toward a Theory of Heterosexual Male Love”

Noon-12:55 p.m. Thayer Rooms
Four Lives: Interpreting Oral Histories
Moderator: Mary Russell, Student, Evergreen State College
Mary Russell, Jerry Fernandez, Susan Lowry, Andrea Sewett, Evergreen State College students

Noon-12:55 Council Chamber
Ireland and the U.S.: Comparative Social Science Perspectives
Moderator: Kristina Schuberg, L&C student
Jonathan Pont, L&C student, “A Cross­Cultural Study of AIDS and Gender­Related Issues”
Mark Fellows, student, and Helena Carlson, professor of psychology, Lewis & Clark, ” The Psychological Effects of Un­employment on Women–Examples From Ireland and the United States”

1-2:25 p.m. Thaver Rooms
Feminist Theory
Sevin Hirschbein, associate professor of philosophy, Lewis & Clark
Shawna Criss, L&C student, “Deconstruction and Feminism”
Leslie Anderson, L,&C student, “Disrupting the Subject: The Feminist Aesthetics of Kristeva and Christa Wolff”
Elizabeth Beverly, Portland writer, “Can the ‘American Mind’ Dwell in a Female Body? Allen Bloom and the Crisis in Gender Relations”

1-2:25 p.m. Council Chamber
Rape, Violence, and Communication
Moderator: Lynette Eastland, assistant professor of communication, Lewis & Clark
Mary Kay Biaggio, program director, Oregon Graduate School of Professional Psychology, “Domestic Violence: More Tolerated Than Stranger Violence?”
Cathy Winkler, faculty member, Anthropology Department, Northeastern University, “Rape Myth-ology: Defamiliarizing the Familiar”
Stephanie Reynolds, L&C student, “A Feminist Perspective on Women’s Comforting Behavior”

2:30-3:25 p.m. Thayer Rooms
Climates for Learning: Gender Issues in the Classroom
Moderator: Carol Witherell, associate professor of teacher education, Lewis & Clark
Mary Henning-Stout, assistant professor of counseling psychology, Lewis & Clark, “Reflections on the Feminization of Graduate Instruction”
Elizabeth Arch, assistant professor of teacher education, and David Cummins, associate professor of computer science, Lewis & Clark, “Structured and Unstructured Exposure to Computers: Sex Differences in Attitude and Use Among Lewis & Clark Students”

2:30-3:25 p.m., Council Chamber
A Children’s Agenda
Moderator: Barbara Schirmer, assistant professor of special education, Lewis & Clark
Serena Cruz, L&C student, “Child Care for Oregon’s Disadvantaged Children”
Mina Hammer, L&C student, “Children Toward Change”

3:30-5 p.m. Thayer Rooms
Poetry Reading
Vern Rutsala, professor of English, Lewis & Clark
Joan Maiers, adjunct professor, Maryl­hurst College, “Lives in the Balance: A Poetry Dialogue”
Judith Barrington, Northwest Writing Institute, “Selections from History and Geography”

3:30-5 p.m., Council Chamber
Sexuality and History: Themes from Europe in the Late 19th Century
Moderator: Henry Bair, professor of history, Lewis & Clark
Jennifer Traeger, L&C student, “The Writings of Maria Pokrovskaia: Feminism and Prostitution”
Lynne Hubbard, L&C student, “Male and Female Voice and Sexuality in French Literature, 1857-1914”
Elizabeth Prato, L&C student, “Sexologists and Female Sexuality”
Michael Morton, L&C student, “The Emergence of Turn-of-the-Century Homosexuals as Gays and Lesbians”

7:30 p.m. Council Chamber
Beyond Gender, Race, and Class
June Jordan, poet; professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Wednesday, April 12

9-10:25 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Finding Common Ground: Organization and Political Access
Moderator: John Bendix, assistant professor of political science, Lewis & Clark
Molly Bloom Holland, L&C student, “Ceaseless Struggle: Anna Julia Cooper and 19th-Century Black Feminist Thought”
Edwin Lau, L&C student, “The Effects of Race and Sex on Black Women’s Political Participation”
Meg Daly, L&C student, “Bound by Mirror and by Bed: Black Women’s Roles in the Black and Women’s Liberation Movements”

9-10:25 a.m., Council Chamber
Women Writers Class: Show Me How to Do Like You Show Me How to Do It
Barbara Seidman, professor of English, Linfield College
Karin Gates, L&C student, “Power Relationships in The Color Purple”
Kassie McLellan, L&C student, “Religious Oppression in The Color Purple”
Jean McCoy, L&C student, “Nettie’s Letters in The Color Purple”
Tracy Lease, L&C student, “A Response to Jack Crampton”

10:30-11:55 a.m., Thayer Rooms
Individual Identity in Collective Political Struggle
Moderator: Larry Lipin, instructor in history, Lewis & Clark
Holly Allen, program assistant, Lewis & Clark, “Women, the Left, and the Radical Reformulation of ‘Women’s Place’: The Gender-Conscious Visions of Agnes Smedley and Tillie Olsen”
Monica Flori, associate professor of Spanish, Lewis & Clark, “Organized Women in Uruguay in the ’80s”
Virginia Grant Darney, faculty member, Evergreen State College at Vancouver, “When Two Toilets Are Not Enough: Race and Gender in the Work of Miriam Tlali”

10:30-11:55 a.m., Council Chamber
Victorian Sexuality and the New Woman
Jerry Baum, associate profes­sor of English, Lewis & Clark
Maeera Shreiber, assistant professor of English and humanities, Reed College, “Mina Loy: The Labor of Love”
Beth Elliot, L&C student, “Rejecting the Perfect Victorian Lady: Kate Chopin and ThcAwakening”
Jon Hauss, teaching assistant, English Department, University of Washington, “Female Futures: The Hazards of Speculation in Jewitt’s Country of the Pointed Firs and Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper”

Noon-12:55 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Locker Room Talk Revised: Invitation to a Men’s Group Discussion

Noon-12:55 p.m., Stamm Dining Room
Dramatic Reading of a New Play by Carolyn Gage, performed by Debbie Kassner, L&C graduate, and Danielle McClelland, L&C student: All Passion Unspent: Vita Sackville-West and Violet Trefusis

1-2:25 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Locating Gender-Related Literature: The Electronic Alternatives
Randall Collver, library director, and Elaine Heras, librarian, Lewis & Clark Thayer Rooms

1-2:25 p.m., Council Chamber
Contemporary American Writers
Pamela Plimpton,
associate professor, Warner Pacific College, “Manifestations of Creative Energy: Tracing the Gift” Trisa Watson, NEH junior scholar, “Getting to Know Your Ghosts”
Susan Kirschner, director, Core Program, Lewis & Clark, “‘Lifting the Ceiling’: Alice Walker on Education”
Rossella Bernascone, visiting Fulbright scholar, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, “Contemporary Women Writers: Voices in Translation”

2:30-3:25 p.m., Thayer Rooms
A Divided House: The Women’s Side in an Oregon Pioneer Family’s Home
Shannon Applegate,
Oregon author Introduced by Stephen Beckham, professor of history, Lewis & Clark

3:30-5 p.m., Black Box, Fir Acres Theatre
Two Theatrical Performances
“Dos Lesbos” directed by Heidi Van­Schoonhoven and performed by Amy Nash and Laura VanZee, L&C students “Commodified Sexualities” performed by Madeline McNeeley and Molly Sturges, L&C students

3:30-5 p.m., Thayer Rooms
Reading Milton Subversively
Moderator: Aaron Baar, L&C student
Smita Avasthi, L&C student, “Milton’s Metamorphoses of Mythology”
Josie Bilbao, L&C student, “Men Have Minds, Women Have Bodies: Milton’s Construction of Gender”
David Brotherton, L&C student, “The Construction of Sexuality in Paradise Lost: The Victimization of Eve”
Marty Brown, L&C student, “Translating the Songs of Songs in Paradise Lost”
Sara Neill, L&C student, “Immortal Eve: The Genesis of the Mother Goddess”

Art works by Phyllis Yes, professor of art, Lewis & Clark, The Norman Paasche Room, Peebles Art Building
Art works by L&C students, Stamm Dining Room Sponsors

Sponsors: Visiting Fulbright Scholars and Occasional Lectures Program of the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, Lewis & Clark Concerts and Lectures Committee, Gender Studies Program, and Student Academic Affairs Board.

Lewis & Clark follows the letter and spirit of all equal opportunity and civil rights laws.

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