April 09, 1995

14th Annual Gender Symposium

Exloring Myths:  Sex, Stories, Football, and Feminism
March 9-12, 1995

All symposium events are free and open to the public. All events are held in Templeton Student Center or the Black Box in Fir Acres Theatre.

Art Exhibit (on display throughout the symposium). Stamm

The 1995 art exhibition, Re-Moving Myths is a series of site-based dance performances presented by Lewis & Clark’s theatre department, and features 21 students and guest artists Gregg Bielemeier and Katherine Petersen at the locations noted below. The art chosen for this year’s show asks viewers to let go of preconceived divisions based on gender, the separation of art from craft, audience from artist, institutions from community life. The exhibit features quilts, pottery, beadwork, sculpture, painting, photography, basketry, and other work by students, faculty, and a wide range of artists from throughout the Northwest. Faculty Art Curator: Joanne Mulcahy. Student Co-Chair Brooke Noli.

Sunday, April 9, 1995

7:30 P.M. Council Chamber Reception to Follow in Foyer
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Anne Fausto-Sterling, Professor of Medical Science, Brown University, “Building Bodies: Intersexuality and the Construction of Gender Norms.”

Monday, April 10

8:30-10:00 A.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Domestic Violence.

8:30-10:00 A.M., Thayer
Panel: Gender Identity/Ethnic Identity.

8:30-10:00 A.M., Stamm
Roundtable Discussion: Distorted Body Images and Eating Disorders: The Way They Affect Our Lives.

10:15-11:45, Council Chamber
Panel: The Flapper Wife: The Emotional Culture of Marriage in the 1920s.

10:15-11:45, Stamm
Panel Discussion with Anne Fausto-Sterling.

Noon-1:00 P.M., Stamm
Dramatic Reading/Workshop with Judith Barrington: Poetry and Prejudice.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Council Chamber
Slides/Discussion: Women, Tradition and the Practice of Art in the Native Cultures of the Columbia River Valley.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Thayer
Panel: Feminist Disruptions and Traditional Liberary Forms.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Fiction/Poetry Reading: Annie Dawid, Nuala Archer, Elizabeth Beverly.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Thayer
Panel: The Law and Violence Against Women.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Stamm
Panel: International Women’s Issues.

4:45-6:00 P.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Teaching Women’s History and the National Standards.

5-6 P.M., Black Box, Fir Acres Theatre
Gender in Performance I.

6:30-7 P.M., Manor House, Templeton College Center lawn
Dance: Hold Your Ground.

Football, Feminism, and Other Contemporary Contradictions.
7:30 p.m., Council Chamber,
Reception to follow in Foyer
Jackson Katz,
former all-state high school football player, activist for preventing violence against women.

Tuesday, April 11

8-8:30 A.M., Manor House, Templeton College Center lawn.
Dance: Construction Sight.

8:30-10 A.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Film and Gender.

8:30-10 A.M., Thayer
Panel: Gender Myths in Epic Literature

8:30-10 A.M., Stamm
Panel: DIspelling German Stereotypes: Gay Men, Women, and Unification.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Evans Auditorium
Panel: Express Yourself: Musical Responses to Issues of Gender, Part I.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Thayer
Panel: Scientific and Psychosocial Constructions of Gender.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Stamm
Workshop with Jackson Katz.

Noon-1:00 P.M., Stamm
Shared Readings: Sponsored by Women’s Writing Circle.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Evans Auditorium
Panel: Express Yourself: Musical Responses to Issues of Gender, Part II.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Thayer
Panel: Women and Religious Mythology.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Stamm
Informal Conversation with Patricia Hill Collins.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Gender Issues in Literature.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Thayer
Panel: Women and Resistance.

3:00-4:30 P.M., Stamm
Creative Nonfiction Workshop: From Memory to Memoir. Elmaz Albinader, associate professor of English, Mills College.

4:45-6 P.M., Black Box, Fir Acres Theatre
Gender in Performance II.

Fighting Words: Knowledge, Power, and the Challenge of Black Feminist Thought.
7:30 p.m., Council Chamber, Reception to follow in foyer.
Patricia Hill Collins,
feminist scholar and author.

10:00 P.M., Parking circle, lower campus.
Dance: Shehe Heshe.

Wednesday, April 12

8:30-10 A.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Cultural Representations of Sexuality.

8:30-10 A.M., Thayer
Panel: From a Feminist Perspective.

8:30-10 A.M., Stamm
Panel: Gender and Power in Latin America Precontract and Colonial.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Issues in Feminist Pedagogy.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Thayer
Roundtable Discussion: Perspectives From Abroad: Personal Observations.

10:15-11:45 A.M., Stamm
Panel: Historical Voices.

Noon-12:30 P.M., Peebles Sculpture Court
Dance: Construction Sight.

12:30-1:00 P.M., Council Chamber
Multimedia Art Presenttion/Narration: The Goddess in the New World.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Council Chamber
Panel: Feminist Narrative Strategies.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Thayer
Panel Discussion: Women and HIV/AIDS.

1:15-2:45 P.M., Stamm
Presentation/Discussion: Switched, the Personal Journey of Changing Genders.

3-4 P.M., Council Chamber
Fiction/Essay Reading Elmaz Abinader.

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