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Bal Krishna Joshi ‘95

February 01, 2004

Bal Krishna Joshi is the founder of, a Web site and business that enables expatriate Nepali to purchase gifts and arrange for their delivery within Nepal. The employee-owned company, which currently employs 40 people, helps sustain the ties of far-flung friends and family and has contributed greatly to the economy of Joshi’s native country.

After graduating from Lewis & Clark College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Joshi returned to Nepal where he spent seven months selling beverages from a pushcart. He soon focused his entrepreneurial efforts to establish the first computerized lottery endorsed by the state. When the lottery closed down for political reasons, he created a new opportunity by establishing the Web-based gift service that has become Named for the street in Kathmandu that serves as the hub of local commerce, operates as an electronic conduit for business vendors in Nepal.