February 01, 2010

Sadna Samaranayake ‘01

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communication and international affairs , Sadna co-created a web design and development business, InSiteLogic, Inc (www.insitelogic.com), which provides websites and custom web based solutions to a broad range of clients, including over 30 professional member based associations across the United States. As a Partner and Director she manages client services, liaising between clients, designers and developers, and handles long term strategic planning, marketing and product development.
  • Sadna Samaranayake ‘01

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sadna co-founded the Sri Lanka Foundation in the aftermath of the 2005 Asian Tsunami. The Foundation set up libraries within existing children’s community centers, established long-term trust accounts for orphaned children and distributed educational resources, school supplies, and books to children at the periphery of the rehabilitation process.

Having grown up in several developing countries, Sadna is passionate about international development and entrepreneurial approaches to tackling issues such as lack of access to education and livelihood opportunities. She has consulted for various social enterprises including microfinance organizations, nonprofits creating livelihood opportunities in developing countries and a school for disadvantaged children in rural India.

Sadna recently completed a Masters Degree in Social Entrepreneurship and International Development from New York University, where she was a Catherine Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship.