May 09, 2012

Math and Computer Science Reunion

As part of Homecoming Weekend 2012 (October 26-28), math and computer science majors, minors and friends are invited to campus to reconnect with fellow alumni and current and former faculty. Join the fun!


If you are still interested in attending, please email


(Please note: even if you’ve already RSVPd and your name is on the list below, you still need to register for the weekend.)

We’re doing some great programming…wait no, no scratch that…we’re making calculations for, wait…umm, we’re putting together a fine reunion and want you to come! Visit with current and former faculty and see where other alumni have landed at this all-era reunion.

Math and Computer Science Reunion Key Events

Friday, October 26
Math & Computer Science Reception

Math and CS alumni are invited to catch up over a drink and light refreshments and to meet current students from those majors.

Saturday, October 27
Math and Computer Science Reunion Dinner
Gather with faculty and former faculty to celebrate connections to the L&C math and computer science departments. Includes a special musical performance. Stay after for logic and card games headed up by professors John Krussel and Peter Drake. 

Margot Black ‘03
Lauren Brown ‘10

David Dougherty ‘80
Barbara Gaston ‘76
Heather Kitada ‘12
Amber McClure ‘97
Seth Pellegrino ‘10
David Trotter BS ‘85, MAT. ‘96
Matt Yelin ‘11
Shelley Zhao ‘10

Faculty and Staff planning to attend:
Paul T. Allen
Suanne Benowicz (emerita)
Margot Black ‘03
Annis Bleeke
Anne Boal
Naiomi Cameron
Peter Drake
Jeff Ely
Greg Fredricks (emeritus)
John Krussel
Roger Nelsen (emeritus)
Bob Owens (emeritus)
Harvey Schmidt (emeritus)
Elizabeth Stanhope

Here’s a list of people who expressed interest in coming.
Registration is available here, as part of Homecoming & Family Weekend.

Jabeer Ahmed ‘10
Dena Komissarova Bell ‘05
Martha Irwin Birk ‘84
Jake Blasquez ‘02
Lauren Brown ‘10
Betty Stillmaker Chinn ‘83
Kirsten Comandich ‘96
Amanda Delzer ‘07
Charles Dunne ‘92
Liz DuToit ‘90
Laura Fletcher ‘80
Cristina Lindquist Heffernan ‘89
Rowena Held ‘09
Lisa Hodges ‘11
Matthew Krauel
Kristin Wilkins Lee ‘03
Oscar Leeper ‘99
Jessica Minnier ‘07
Jessica Mullins ‘10
Marcus Nebeling ‘82
Hans Nordstrom ‘96
Petar Obradovic ‘97
Dith Pamp ‘11
Benjamin Perkins ‘11
Chris Scheffler ‘10
Adam Smith ‘99
Linnea Thompson ‘02
Kathleen Hetzler Terner ‘87