April 17, 2012

Theatre Thesis Festival - 2012

Program A: Tuesday, April 17 & Friday, April 20
       Written by Clay McLeod Chapman
       Performed and Directed by
       Jahnavi Caldwell-Green

“Three women with deeply complex histories speak their truth, each in a state of stuckness, and struggle to act, to move forward, to commence.”

       Devised and Directed by Amy Wolfberg

“Has fate destined us to be paired with just one person?  Do we become trapped in an ideal pre-destined relationship?  A devised dance theatre piece that explores the complexities and paradoxes of these questions.”

Far Away
       Written by Caryl Churchill
       Directed by Chris Khatami

“When did you see violence for the first time?  What did you think?  How did you cope?  What violence have you accepted?  What happens when violence becomes normal?”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Selected Scenes)
      Written by William Shakespeare
      Directed by Caitlin Fisher-Draeger

“By the end of the play, the lovers are contentedly coupled, but very little of that end result is of their own doing.  To highlight the lovers’ lack of control, this idea of social manipulation is developed through direct physical manipulation.”


Program B: Wednesday, April 18 & Saturday, April 21
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Act 1)
Written by Tennessee Williams
       Directed by Ryan Mooney

“We don’t live together … we occupy the same cage.” - Maggie
“What will we endure in order to get what we want, what we need to survive?  This tension is articulated in the struggle between desire and the limits of faith.”

In the Continuum
       Written by Danai Gurira & Nikkole Salter
       Directed by Kemiyondo Coutinho

“Black women have the highest infection rate of HIV in Africa and in the USA.  This play does more than share this statistic.  It shares the stories behind them.”

Miniskirts of Kabul
       Written by David Greig
       Directed by Nazneen Joshi

“In trying to understand Afghanistan, one is instantly dumbfounded at the transformation that has led the country into being treated as a merry playground for dirty politics and a game of politics trying to conquer the soul of this country.  If you are not confused, it is clear that you are just not paying attention.”

       Written by Bryony Lavery
       Directed by Tessa Siegel
“Sometimes it is difficult to discern the hostage from the captor.  This is a love story.”


Program C: Thursday, April 19 & Sunday, April 22
Three Days of Rain (Act 1)
Written by Richard Greenberg
       Directed by Rikki Wynn

“The American family dramas of the last century all have their own perspectives on the perfect family, and they all have one message: no family is perfect.  Greenburg shows the delusions of the nuclear family while still making it clear that all is not lost.”

A Kind of Alaska
      Written by Harold Pinter
      Directed by Diana Fox

“Pinter’s only play that was inspired by another work of literature, on the surface it is about a woman who awakens from a long sleep … woven in themes of identity, memory, love and the fleeting nature of time that haunt us all.”

What the Jewish Buddha Saw
     Written and Directed by Collin Lawson

“Theatre is fun.”

The Killing Game (Selected Scenes)
      Written by Eugene Ionesco
      Directed by Terry Fletcher

“The Theatre of the Absurd is about taking you out of your comfort zone and showing how this new zone can become comfortable again.  Listen to anything for long enough and it becomes normal.”