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Exploration and Discovery

Welcome to Exploration and Discovery

July 10, 2018

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Welcome to the College’s innovative  core program for incoming first-year students.  “We’re so pleased to have you join us,” states Nora Beck, Director of Exploration and Discovery.

This year’s event is titled “This is America: Childish Gambino, Plato and the Search for Truth.” It will take place on August 31, in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel at 1:30pm. True to the spirit of E&D, it will explore issues of critical thinking and encourage learning to see different sides of an argument.  Attended by all E&D students and faculty, this event features an exciting panel: 

  • Kim Cameron-Dominguez, Assistant Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department. Her areas of scholarly interest include gender, race and ethnicity, affect and labor, urban and transnational anthopology, bureaucracy and communiative forms.
  • Tremaine Johnson, educator, commentator, and writer for Rolling Stone Magazine.  Johnson’s media appearances can be seen at PBS NewsHour, CBS This Morning, CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon.
  • Gabriela Lopez, Lewis & Clark student

We will show the video and discuss different interpretations of it and relate it to your assigned Plato dialogues.  After each member of the panel gives a brief presentation, we will open the discussion to the audience. Each student will receive a notecard on which to write a question.  If you like, you can go to the microphone and ask the panelists a question.

NSO Reading

To prepare for the August 31st panel and the class that follows, please read Tremaine Johnson’s article in Rolling Stone  and excerpts from Plato’s dialogues (Apology, Crito, Euthyphro) that you will find at the links above and in your NSO packet.  


Exploration and Discovery

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