March 04, 2011

Plumfield, Iraq

by Barbara Lebow
Performance Dates:  March 4, 5, and 10, 11, & 12 at 7:30pm.

Guest Director:  JoAnn Johnson
Scene and Costume Designer:  Tim Stapleton

Lighting and Sound Designer:  Matthew Robins
Music Director:  Hal Logan
Video Design:  John Waller

The Northwest premier of PLUMFIELD, IRAQ by Barbara Lebow will be presented on
the Main Stage of Fir Acres Theatre.  This contemporary drama follows the lives of a close knit group of high school seniors in a small town in Washington State. Convinced that the 2003 public pronouncement of “Mission Accomplished” means the end of combat is near, some join the military, anticipating light duty and a ticket to a college education and a better future.  The play examines the consequences of this choice, both for those who fight and those of us who wait at home.

This  drama uses sound, light , music and multimedia effects to take us inside the experiences of these young soldiers and  move us between  past and present, fantasy and reality, and in and out of the mind of  a young soldier.  The cadence of  a march is juxtaposed against the music of a barbershop quartet, a game of touch football  becomes a combat zone, Fourth of July fireworks become a fire fight.

This provocative drama challenges us to go inside the experience of the young soldiers who fight our wars.  How do they return from the horrors of the battlefield?  How do we care for them?   And what atonement is required of all of us?

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