Gender Studies Symposium Panel–Domestic Subversion: Resisting Patriarchal Power

Domestic Subversion: Resisting Patriarchal Power Moderator: Andrea Hibbard, L&C assistant professor with term of English Ashley O’Leary, L&C ’22, “Rocked the Cradle and Ruled the World: The Transcendent Possibilities of Maternal Feeling in George Egerton’s New Women” Claire Phegley, L&C ’21, “Raising a Revolution: Free Love and Anarchist Motherhood, 1890-1915” Kendall Arlasky, L&C ’21 and GSS co-chair, “Captive Domesticity: Gender, the Home, and Escape in Marina Carr’s Portia Coughlan and John Millington Synge’s The Shadow of the Glen” Charlotte Powers, L&C ’21, “Receive and Resist: British Colonization’s Impact on Maori Women’s Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction”