Performance: The People vs. _____. Ray Warren Symposium 2020

Friday, November 13 4–5:30 p.m.Performance: The People vs. _____Conceived and written by Josie Seid “First rule of change is controversy. You can’t get away from it for the simple reason all issues are controversial. Change means movement, and movement means friction, and friction means heat, and heat means controversy.” — Saul Alinsky We have returned to the place in our world where the people are pushing for change. A movement has reawakened and chosen its form as movements tend to do. Are these movements— in the forms they take—creating the change we seek? If movements are so effective, why do we seem to always find ourselves back at this place? We invite viewers to act as the jury as we take a closer look at the evolution of the movement and hear arguments for and against, in this case of: The People vs. _____. Co-sponsored by Students for Cultural Inclusion in the Theater (SCIT)