Roundtable discussion: The Flows Between Education and Incarceration. Ray Warren Symposium 2020

12–1:30 p.m.Roundtable discussion: The Flows Between Education and IncarcerationPanel description: The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the pattern of pushing students out of educational institutions (largely through zero tolerance policies) into the juvenile and adult criminal legal systems. This panel will examine the school-to-prison pipeline’s disproportionate effect on BIPOC students, exposing how public education policies bolster carceral systems as well as exploring efforts to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. In addition, this panel considers the pipelines that lead from prison to school, addressing how BIPOC (and people of other marginalized identities) turn to education to generate movement inside carceral systems and also for redirection, post-release.Moderator: Reiko Hillyer, L&C associate professor of history Ben Hall, prison abolitionist and activist recently released from prison after 22 years Queaz Otti, recently incarcerated member of Liberation Literacy and host of “Tin Can Phone” podcast Keri Hughes, Roosevelt High School teacher Emijah Smith, community engagement manager for Children’s Alliance, racial justice advocate in Seattle Public Schools (bio) Tyee Griffith, manager for Justice Education at The Claremont Colleges, career counselor with the Prison Education Project, and program coordinator of the Reintegration Academy