Science Faculty Lecture Series: Flies, Drugs, Genes and Undergrads featuring Associate Professor Norma Velazquez Ulloa

This presentation is the second in a three-part Science Faculty Lecture series being offered this fall. Keep an eye on our virtual events webpage for details on future presentations. Flies, Drugs, Genes and Undergrads Presented by Associate Professor Norma Velazquez Ulloa Join Associate Professor of Biology Norma Velazquez Ulloa as she discusses the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, and how it has been a model organism for genetics and developmental research for more than 100 years. Its short life cycle, well established methods for maintaining fly colonies, and relatively easy experimental assays make Drosophila a well suited organism for research with undergraduate students. In her research lab at Lewis & Clark College, together with student collaborators, Dr. Velazquez Ulloa uses Drosophila melanogaster to identify genes that influence the effects of nicotine, to determine the toxicity of nicotine on its own or in combination with resveratrol, to investigate the role of a specific gene on nervous system development and locomotor behavior, and to identify genes in the genomes of other Drosophila species. This research contributes to the fields of behavioral genetics of addiction, genetic toxicology, neuroscience, and genomics, and trains LC students involved in these projects in the process of science.