Changes in the Land: Oregon, 1800-2020: Presentation by Stephen Dow Beckham, Professor Emeritus of History

“Changes in the Land: Oregon, 1800-2020” examines human impacts on the historic landscape of the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon in particular. The Powerpoint lecture is inspired by Elizabeth Rush’s RISING: DISPATCHES FROM THE NEW AMERICAN SHORE (2018) and Prof. Beckham’s recent documentation of the riverine landscape in the 1850s of the lower Willamette from Willamette Falls to the Columbia River (25 River Miles). The lecture looks at major impacts: suppression of Indian field burning, fur trade, farming, mining, introduction of invading species, imposition of land survey systems, logging and lumbering, pollution, river and harbor projects, and other ways that Euro-Americans have shaped Oregon’s present setting. The presentation draws on dozens of images from across the region. The lecture is based on manuscript materials such as handwritten survey field notes, navigation charts, and photographs that document what was and what has happened to Oregon’s landscape. Wednesday, April 8, 2020  5:00 pm, Presentation followed by Q&A