The Science and Culture of Food

Exploration and Discovery Spring Colloquium Series presented by: Janis Lochner:  Why is nutritional research often targeted at discerning the relationship between disease and specific nutrients? Are there “good” and “bad” nutrients? Is a reductive approach to understanding nutrition warranted? Bob Goldman: A brief overview of industrial food systems and within that context discuss the development of alternative food economies such as that in Portland. Do such local food alternatives presume privilege? What is their relationship to those who are not privileged by class, race and income?  Can privilege catalyze change or does it preserve the status quo? Barry Glassner: A presentation on a few studies by social psychologists, sociologist, and others that are particularly instructive about Americans’ beliefs and methods of reasoning about food, with a focus on Glassner’s book, ‘The Gospel of Food’. This event is free and open to the Lewis & Clark Community