E&D Spring Colloquium - Money

While money is a ubiquitous element in our lives—we work for it, try to win it, sometimes steal it; we spend it, save it, and never seem to have enough. But just what is money? How does it acquire the value we ascribe to it? Who decides what it is worth? How can pieces of metal or paper, or mere digital numbers on a screen, be traded for food, housing, entertainment, and so forth? How can the value of money change unexpectedly, as in periods of rapid inflation? Are there any viable alternatives to a money economy?   Guest panelists followed by Q&A Prof. Eric Tymoigne, Department of Economics Prof. Robert Goldman, Department of Sociology and AnthropologyProf. Elliott Young, Department of History The Colloquium Series is free and open to all L&C faculty and students.  Located in Miller 105.