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Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies

Date: 7:00pm PST November 11, 2015 Location: Templeton Campus Center, Council Chamber

Templeton Campus Center, Council Chamber

*Keynote Event
Debate: What should be the role of affirmative action in higher education admissions?  
Randall L. Kennedy, Michael R. Klein Professor, Harvard Law School
Linda Chavez, chair, Center for Equal Opportunity, a non-profit public policy organization
Moderated by Janet Steverson, Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence, L&C Law School, and chair of L&C committee on diversity and inclusion

Welcoming remarks by L&C President Barry Glassner
Speaker introductions by symposium co-chairs Erin Banks ’16 and Ryan Seed ’17

Abstract:  Should colleges and universities consider an applicant’s stated race or ethnicity when selecting students for admission?  For the past several decades, people across the United States have debated the merits of race-conscious admissions policies such as affirmative action.  This question remains so pressing that the U.S. Supreme Court is revisiting whether race can be a factor in admissions decisions.  Is affirmative action necessary in higher education admissions? What is accomplished through such policies?  Who benefits?  Do the drawbacks outweigh any positive effects? 


Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies

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