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Mathematical Sciences

Kasi Allen, LC Graduate School

Date: 3:30pm PST January 31, 2012 Location: JR Howard Hall, Room 114

JR Howard Hall, Room 114

Mathematical Sciences Colloquium:

Kasi Allen, LC Graduate School, Math Matters!

Much in the way that reading and writing determined access to our democracy in the 19th century, quantitative literacy (especially algebra) serves as a key gatekeeper to full participation in our 21st century society. Why do so many teenagers struggle with this fairly basic math class? What have 30 years of research in math education and cognitive science taught us about how students learn math? And what do the findings tell us about the strategies that secondary teachers might use to support the mathematical success of ALL students?

This is an especially exciting time in mathematics education! The new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (published in 2010) the first national math content standards in US history, are designed with an “algebra for all” goal in mind. Teachers across the nation are working to improve their instruction by integrating new content, pedagogy, technology, and assessment tools! Come learn about these new directions as well as the implications for mathematics teaching and learning.