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Mathematical Sciences

How many different ways can you prove that there are infinitely many primes?

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT October 14, 2015 Location: John Howard 132

John Howard 132

Christian Millichap

Asst. Professor of Mathematics

Linfield College


We have known there are infinitely many primes since Euclid first gave a proof back in 300 B.C. Since then, many other proofs have been developed using a variety of mathematical tools: algebraic number theory, analytic number theory, calculus, and even topology. In this talk, we shall go over three different proofs: Euclid’s original proof (and dive a little deeper into what his proof says), Euler’s proof which uses some fundamental ideas from calculus, and Furstenberg’s point-set topology proof.

This talk does not require any background in number theory or point-set topology.