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Paul Stamets - Solutions from the Underground

Date: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST November 17, 2011 Location: Council Chambers

Council Chambers

The famous mycologist Paul Stamets will discuss the evolution of mushrooms in ecosystems and how fungi can help heal environments. As environmental health and human health are inextricably interconnected, fungi offer unique opportunities that capitalize on mycelium’s diverse properties. Fungi are the grand molecular dis-assemblers in nature, decomposing plants and animals, creating soils and the food web of life.

Paul’s talk will also highlight the power of innovative problem solving and the ways in which an intimate understanding of seemingly obscure natural systems can offer solutions to a vast array of our modern global challenges. Many of the applications of Pauls work apply directly to a range of causes that LC students are passionate about. This includes ecosystem remediation, break down of toxic wastes, farming and agriculture, antibiotics and vaccinations, famine relief, alternative energy, and more. 

Discussion time and reception will be from 8pm - 9pm
Event is free and open to the public
Sponsored by SAAB, the Dean of Students, and Biology Department


Paul Stamets has written six mushroom-related books, with his most recent being Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. He is the author of many scholarly papers in peer-reviewed journals (The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms; Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Herbalgram, and others).  He has written more than twenty patents. He started a medicinal and gourmet mushroom business, Fungi Perfecti, LLC, in 1980. Stamets is the sole source supplier and co-investigator of the first two NIH funded clinical studies using medicinal mushrooms in the United States. He has been working with the NIH governed BioShield BioDefense Program since 2005 to develop new defenses against bioterrorism. 

In 2008, Paul received the National Geographic Adventure’s Magazine’s Green-O-vator and the Argosy Foundation’s E-chievement Awards. In November of 2008, Utne Reader recognized Paul as one of the 50 Visionaries of the Year. In February of 2010, Paul received the President’s Award from the Society of Ecological Restoration. In October of 2011, Reader’s Digest chose Paul as one of the Eco-Heroes of the plane, reflecting how deeply his message has penetrated into the depths of American society. In March 2010 Paul received the ‘Packy Award” from Sustainable Business Coalition and Whole Foods Market’s Green Coalition for the Life Box™. Paul’s talk at on how mushrooms can help save the world has been seen by more than a million viewers and has been rated in the top 10 of all TED talks.