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Václav Havel’s Place

Date: 6:30pm PDT May 9, 2015 Location: Fir Acres Theatre

  • Václav Havel in front of his favorite painting, Master Theodoric’s portrait of St. Matthew, at Prague’s National Gallery in 1992. Pavel Štecha.

Fir Acres Theatre

Václav Havel’s Place is a memorial commemorating the life and legacy of playwright, philosopher, dissident, and Czech president Václav Havel (1936-2011). The installation of Havel’s Places is a worldwide project to create a network of public spaces where people can hold frank exchanges of important ideas, an expression of Havel’s belief in the power of mutual dialogue.

Václav Havel’s Place comprises two chairs linked by a round table with a linden tree, the national tree of the Czech Republic, growing through the center of the table. The seating area, named the Democratic Bench, was designed by Bořek Šípek, a celebrated Czech artist and architect who was a close friend of Havel’s.

The memorial at Lewis & Clark has been donated by the Embassy of the Czech Republic. It is only the second Havel’s Place memorial in the United States. The first is located at Georgetown University. Its installation has been made possible by a collaboration between Lewis & Clark, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., and the Václav Havel Library.


Event Contact

Štĕpán Šimek
Professor of Theatre and Department Chair