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Mathematical Sciences

Numerical Estimation Development in Children

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 15, 2015 Location: John Howard Hall, Room 254

  • Jon Poley '15 and Ella Coben '15
    Jon Poley '15 and Ella Coben '15

John Howard Hall, Room 254

Ella Coben ’15 and Jon Poley ’15 will give a brief review of developmental research on numerical estimation in children, as well as present the findings of a current study.

In the current study, children ages 3-6 are assessed for their numeracy skill and comprehension with an emphasis on estimation development. The logarithmic-to-linear shift hypothesis is tested to determine if children switch from a measurably logarithmic sense of the natural number line to a linear sense as they age. Parent questionnaires record numeracy exposure history as well as general interest and emphasis in numeracy topics within the family to examine what best predicts numeracy achievement in young children.

The impact of the results on assisted development is discussed.