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Alumni & Parent Programs

Board of Alumni Meeting

Date: 8:30am - 5:00pm PST February 21, 2015 Location: Gregg Pavilion

Friday, February 20th & Saturday, February 21st

Hoffman Art Gallery to Templeton to Howard to the Pavilion


  • All Day – STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Cmte. Interviews and Meeting (Barbara, Bob, Brian, Carla, Hillary, Isabella, Jim, Mike, Rocky)
  • 6:00pm, Stamm, Templeton– Pre-Reception: BOA with Student Alumni Association
  • 6:30pm, Stamm, Templeton – Reception & Alumni Honors Banquet


  • 8:30am, Hoffman Art Gallery – Breakfast Reception/ Meeting: Board of Alumni with Parents Council

Walk to Templeton for Committee Meetings

  • 9:45am, Montieth Room, Templeton – ADMINISTRATION Cmte. (Barbara, Dan, Grant, Jim, Mary, Mike, Vicki with Dith)
  • 9:45am, Gray Room, Templeton  - ALUMNI RECOGNITION Cmte.  (Anthony, Cathy, Chris, Curt, Hillary, Rocky with Tara)

Transition to next set of Committees

  • 10:30am, Montieth Room – DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Cmte. (Aukeem, Brian, Carla, Chris, Dan, Hillary, Jonathan, Mike, Ruthe with Ginger. Annette not Attending)
  • 10:30am, Gray Room – CAREER SUPPORT Cmte. (Anthony, Barbara, Bob, Cathy, Jim, Rocky with Tara)

Transition to last Committee. Many BOA on break. Please be at Fields by Noon or a few minutes early.

  • 11:15am, Monteith Room – ALUMNI OUTREACH Cmte. (Anthony, Aukeem, Barbara, Carla, Cathy, Hillary, Jonathan, Ruthe, Vicki with Ginger)

Meet Student Leaders at entry of Fields Dining Hall. Dith and Tara will connect BOA members with students.

  • Noon to 12:45pm, Fields dining Hall – Lunch with ASLC & SAA

Walk to Howard Hall

  • 1:00pm, Howard Hall Room 124 – Entrepreneurship Presentation

Michael Kaplan, Managing Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Visit Center on 3rd floor of Howard

Walk to Gregg Pavilion (regular meeting space next to chapel)


  • 2:00pm  - Welcome, Approval of Minutes, Announcements
  • 2:05pm - President’s Report (Carol)
  • 2:20pm – Liaison Reports

Athletics (written submitted) – Grant

Academics (short oral) - Chris

Albany Society (tentative) – Dolores

Development – Jim

Student Life - Aukeem

  • 3:00pm – Administration Committee

Report and Action on Bylaws

  • 3:30pm – Student Alumni Association Committee


  • 3:40pm – Alumni Recognition Committee

Report in and Debrief about Alumni Honors Banquet

  • 3:50pm – Other Committees: Brief reports

Alumni Committee

Career Support Committee

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • 4:05pm – Feedback

Breakfast with Parents Council

Lunch with Student Government and SAA

  • 4:20pm – Alumni & Parents Program

Staff Introductions


Alumni Weekend 2015


  • 4:50pm – Other Business
  • By 5:30pm – Adjourn

Drive to Grand Central Bowling