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Expert in Residence: Mohan Nair - Health Care

Date: 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST December 9 Location: Zoom

  • Mohan Nair
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Mohan Nair, our first Expert in Residence - Health Care, is the SVP/Chief Innovation Officer of Cambia Health Solutions, a $9.8 health care concern. Mohan understand the landscape, technology, barriers, opportunities and equity considerations in health care research, delivery and access networks. Ask questions, test ideasm or just listen/learn. 

Interested in innovation in healthcare and beyond? Converse with SVP/Chief Innovation Officer of Cambia Health Solutions about what it takes to transform healthcare from an institutional focused business model to a person focused and financially sustainable system.

As Senior VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions, Mohan leads a team that engages leaders in innovation, accelerates process from problem to solution, and creates new purpose-driven products, services, businesses and experiences. He is a high-tech entrepreneur, computer scientist, author, strategy consultant and healthcare leader.

Born and raised in Singapore, Mohan watched how nations transform. It shaped how he strives to create lasting business transformation, which includes every employee personally finding “true north” in cause through their own transformation.

Cambia Health is a nonprofit total health solutions company that provides a wide range of products and services, including health care information technology and software development, retail health care, health insurance, life insurance, pharmacy benefit management, consumer engagement, and wellness.

Mohan authored three books in the field of transformation and for 10 years taught at the Kellogg School of Management. An experienced entrepreneur with two startups under his belt, Mohan has set his sights on healthcare transformation.

As a former Singaporean TV talk show host, musician with 20 music copyrighted songs to his name, TEDx speaker, and the first healthcare executive to audition and lose at America’s Got Talent, he hopes to inspire others with courage and teach all to enjoy innovation.

Office hours will be available about three times per semester. He will meet via zoom on the below dates with students who sign up ahead of time to receive the link. These sessions are group sessions, not individual sessions.

Expert in Residence Hours are available during the following dates:

  • October 27, 2020 at 9:00am - 10:00am

More dates TBD soon

To join our Expert in Residence sessions with Mohan Nair please fill out this form. You will get a confirmation email from the Bates Center with a Zoom link.

Disclaimer: Expert in Residence office hours are meant as an exploratory exercise, to converse about health care landscape, considerations, opportunities and problem solving. This is a free service and since our students are not clients of Mohan Nair, Cambia or any of their affiliated entities, speaking to or listening to him does not rise to a claim, belief, or reliance upon information he imparts.