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Information for Departure by November 25th

Date: 6:00pm PST November 25

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    Nina Johnson

HALLS CLOSING | Wednesday, November 25th at 6pm

The residence halls will close on Wednesday, November 25th at 6pm for residents not staying through Thanksgiving. Please be ready to leave the halls at that time. You may not remain on campus past this time unless you have notified the Campus Living office. If you have not already completed the survey telling us about your departure plans, please do so here.

Residence halls will reopen January 16th. Returning students should expect to move in on either the 16th or 17th of January. We will assign you a specific time to move in during these dates, similar to our move-in process this Fall. On Monday, January 18th the College will be closed in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and classes will begin on Tuesday, January 19th. You may NOT arrive back on campus prior to January 16th or 17th without express, advance permission by Campus Living. There is a $50/night fee for approved early arrival. If you arrive prior to your assigned move in date without notice, the charge will be $150/night you arrive early to campus unannounced.


We encourage all residents who are able to leave campus for winter break to do so, but if you must stay on campus we will allow folks to do so on a limited, case-by-case basis.


Apartment residents will only be able to swipe into their apartment beyond Thanksgiving if they have notified us that they will be staying through Thanksgiving and/or Winter Break. If you have not done so already, please notify us of your plans via the Fall Departure Plans Survey. Travel restrictions around Thanksgiving Break and anytime after that still apply for Apartment Residents. If you do have to travel at any point past Thanksgiving break, you still need to complete the COVID-19 Non-Essential Off-Campus Activities/Travel Application. If you have any further questions about COVID restrictions and campus re-entry procedures, please contact Ami Hanna (


All Campus Residents leaving by November 25th will need to complete a check-out form for their hall. This check-out form will be used to verify your exit from Campus. Failure to complete this form on departure may result in a fine or charge. If you have any questions about this form, please contact your RA. More information about check out procedures is listed below.


Copeland Check Out form

SOA Check Out Form

Forest Check Out Form

Platt-Howard Check Out Form

HHA Check out Form



If you are seeking assistance from a guest to move out, please make sure that they use THIS FORM to identify their presence on campus. Again, this form is for your guest to fill out in order to come to campus, so please share it with them as soon as possible. Residents cannot submit the form on behalf of their guest. Only one guest is permitted to enter the residence hall to help collect each student’s belongings. If more than one guest comes into a residence hall, you, the resident, may be charged a fee for improper check out and your additional guest will be asked to leave campus. All visitors permitted on campus will be required to follow health and safety protocols adopted by the College and as required by federal, state, or county regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms before coming on campus; complying with the College’s face-covering policy; and regular handwashing. This form is due by November 20th or at least 72 hours before you move out.



Food service concludes for Fall semester with dinner on Wednesday, November 25th. Limited meal service will resume Sunday, November 29 (brunch) through December 17 for students who purchase a supplementary meal plan or possess remaining meals and points on their block and flex only plans. The DoveCote and Maggies will be closed after November 25.


Airport Shuttle. Free transportation to the airport will be provided on Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st. All students who plan on taking the shuttle must RSVP for a seat. Shuttles are limited to 19 students per trip and masks must be worn the entire ride. Shuttle RSVPs fill up quickly and traffic to the airport may be heavy at certain times of the day so you should allow for plenty of travel time. If the scheduled shuttle times to the airport do not align with your recommended pre-flight arrival, you may want to consider using alternate transportation options.

Pioneer Express. The Pioneer Express will not be in operation from November 20th through January 17th.


Parking. If you are staying or leaving your car on-campus for when you leave, you must fill out the Long Term Parking Liability Form on the Transportation webpage. The College is still not responsible for any damage or theft that can happen to your car.


Complete the following Closing Procedure before you leave campus:

  • Clean your room and the common areas of your community.
  • Unplug electrical appliances in your room to reduce fire risk and save electricity. On a final walk through of each room, Campus Living will unplug appliances if you have failed to do so.
  • Close and lock windows; leave blinds up unless you live on a ground level or first floor room. Residents on a ground-level or first-floor room should close blinds and place sticks in window tracks for added security. See your RA if you need a stick.
  • Remove perishables from your personal refrigerator as well as community kitchen; empty and defrost refrigerators, please do not let it leak onto the floor.
  • Remove your valuables from plain view or take them home with you. Plants and fish may die over the break, so please take appropriate precautions.
  • Remove personal items from the restroom and laundry room. Items left behind in either of these areas may be disposed of if not removed to your room.
  • Clear all belongings from the top of the radiator (not applicable in all buildings.)
  • Empty trash, sort and remove recycling and trash to appropriate outside receptacles.
  • Where possible, turn the thermostat down to the lowest possible setting (1) or 60 degrees.



In addition to the items above, you must complete the following:

  • Replace original complement of furniture.
  • Remove all personal belongings from walls/door. Leave the space clean and ready for the new occupant.
  • If you are leaving, box all belongings and take them home with you.
  • If you are changing rooms, remove your belongings to temporary storage. We will not accommodate any storage needs outside of these identified students. You may NOT leave any belongings in your current room. Left belongings face removal and fines.



After Thanksgiving Break, the ADs will begin to go through EACH room to make sure all electrical outlets are clear and no other fire hazards exist [Including occupied rooms AND Apartments]. Rooms where a change in the occupants has occurred will be checked for compliance with the standards for checkout. If you are assessed a charge, it will be posted to your student account before January 14, 2021.


If any policy violations are found within your space, you will be referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities. For any drug and alcohol policy violation, they will be documented and removed from your space by either Campus Safety or Campus Living Staff. Any candles that have been lit may be confiscated by your Area Director. They will be held until the end of the academic year for you to pick up or they will be disposed of. Common areas will be checked and if left in disarray, each member of the community will be charged for cleaning. Community damages that occurred during the semester will be assessed at this time as well.


For students who are the only ones occupying a double or triple sized room, often referred to as a ‘dingle’,these rooms maintain an expectation that a student can be placed in the room at any time throughout the semester or academic year. Unlike most years, this year there will be no option for any student to “buy-out” their dingle room in the Spring. We ask that you clear all personal belongings from the half of your room that you are not assigned. If you are paired with a roommate for the spring over the break, we will notify you via email with the information about your pairing.


Storage will only be available to those who were identified as needing storage for a mid year housing change. Storage access over winter break for residents who have been allowed to store will result in a $50/access charge. Campus Living will not allow any other use of our storage spaces and no other residents will be allowed access to that space.


Your ID card will be inactive during the break unless you have approval from Campus Living to remain on campus. Make sure you lock your room before you leave. If anything is to happen to your belongings after you leave, Lewis & Clark assumes no liability.



The Campus Living Team