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Student Engagement

Journey to Self: Walking Nature Meditation

Date: 9:00am - 10:30am PDT October 31 Location: Templeton Campus Center

Templeton Campus Center

You will destress and reconnect during this contemplative walk. L&C senior Arunima Singh Jamwal will guide you to cultivate ease and consciousness while walking along the forest trails of Riverview Natural Area. This space is gentle and informed by A’s anti-colonial ethos toward the positions we occupy in ecosystems. Friends new to meditation or unfamiliar with outdoor spaces are especially encouraged to join.

This walking meditation is for you if you’re curious about connecting to “nature” in new ways, want to learn more about your life-force/breath, or desire to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.

This journey is designed to be an opportunity for you to have a recurring practice. While still enjoyable in part, we strongly encourage you to come for the complete offering and sign up for future walks in this series as they are released.

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