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Alumni Honors Banquet

Date: 6:30pm PST February 20, 2015

Honors Banquet

Please join us for this special event to honor and celebrate outstanding members of the Lewis & Clark community.

Friday February 20, 2015, 6:30 p.m.
Stamm Dining Room, Templeton Campus Center
Reception followed by dinner and awards program

Registration is now closed. Please call our office at 503-768-7950 if you are interested in attending.

Event cost: $45 - regular ticket; $23 - recent graduates (2010 or after); faculty and faculty emeriti; staff, students. Event cost includes reception, dinner, awards program, and open bar for the night.

Meet the Awardees

Usman Ally B.A. ’04
Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
Award-winning actor Usman Ally, an ensemble member of Chicago’s American Theater Company, has starred in  theatre premieres around the country, including an adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle Book, The Invisible Hand, Disgraced, and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. His television work includes roles on Damages, BOSS, and Madam Secretary.



Arleigh Dodson, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Donald G. Balmer Citation
For the past 54 years, Arleigh Dodson’s combined passion for teaching, leadership, and community involvement has placed him in the front ranks of those who have positively impacted life at Lewis & Clark. Since retiring, he has served as a volunteer and can be found at many Lewis & Clark games, concerts, and other events, along with his wife, Marion.


Paula Hayes B.S. ’92
Pioneer Alumni Leadership Award
Paula Hayes has served on the Board of Trustees and Board of Alumni, and she has volunteered with the Office of Admissions and Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement. She is the founder and owner of Hue Noir, a cosmetic manufacturing company specializing in the formulation and development of cosmetic products designed specifically for women of color.


Thomas Neff B.A. ’65
Distinguished Alumnus Award
Between 1991 and 2013, Thomas Neff proposed, created, and shepherded the Megatons to Megawatts Program, a $17 billion deal under which Russia destroyed more than 20,000 nuclear weapons, recycling the bomb-grade uranium into fuel for U.S. nuclear power plants.  The deal eliminated a third of the global nuclear arsenal and prevented proliferation from a dangerously bankrupt Soviet weapons program.


Call for Nominations

Do you know of someone who is deserving of an award? Please take a moment to complete a nomination form. Nominations for the next round of awards are due April 1, 2015. Award winners will be announced in July and honored at the Alumni Honors Banquet in February 2016. 

Read detailed bios of past award recipients here.