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Board of Alumni October 2020 Meeting

Date: 8:30am - 12:30pm PDT October 18

Fall Board of Alumni Business Meeting

(Part One) October 18th, 2020

8:30 am - Introductions (Peter and Marisol)

8:35 am - President’s greeting, approve minutes, welcome new members (Dee Wolfe ASBD Chair, Jennifer Cyphers, Jessica Mullins, Marisol Jenkins).

8:40 am - Introductions (Hongda and Jennifer) 

8:45 am - Report from Dean Suttmeier

9:40 am - Break

9:45 am - Introductions (Chris S. and Dee)

9:50 am - SAA/Careers Committee. SAA life with COVID, Anti-racism, wildfires and protests (Chris S )

10:50 am - Introductions (Hanako and Anne)

10:55 am - Equity & Diversity Committee. Equity Moments (Hanako)

11:55 am - Introductions (Stacy and Mary) 

Noon - APP check-in Debrief about Black and Orange, feedback about Homecoming.

12:10 - Introductions (Catherine and Jessica)

12:15 - Other reports and announcements (President, etc..)

12:20 - Wrap-up, comments for next meeting

(Part Two) December 6th, 2020

Introductions (Chris S. and Dee)

Report on Board of Trustees Meeting (Chris Ohman)

Report on Chapters and APP Update (Andrew)

Albany Society Update (Dee Wolfe)

Other Liaison Reports: Athletics, Academics, Other

Fundraising Update (Edgar and Stephen)

Administrative Committee Update (Peter)

Honors Committee Update (Catherine)

College Update with President Wim Wiewel

Student Life Update with Robin Holmes-Sullivan