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Macro Minutes

Date: 12:00pm PDT June 30

This group (meeting weekly) will review the latest macroeconomic data releases and literature and attempt to put it into context. The format will be a largely discussion-type gathering consisting of multiple individual participants presenting for around 60 Macro Minutes each Tuesday afternoon from 12-1pm PDT. Join by Zoom here.

The primary goal of this gathering is to provide an opportunity for students interested in topics broadly related to macroeconomics to discuss both “what is” and “what might be” by reviewing data released in the previous week, looking ahead to what data will be released in the coming week, and discussing new NBER working papers as well as peer-reviewed publications in more accessible journals such as the Journal of Economic Perspectives. As a part of this work, the group might produce deliverables to the broader L&C community summarizing the discussions in the form of a monthly enewsletter and a weekly podcast. There will also be e a “Book of the Month” component.

No prior experience is assumed or required, and all - including non L&C guests such as family and friends - are welcome. A core group of dedicated participants will work to deliver updates on the economy with guidance from Prof. Dombeck and perhaps other faculty to a general interest group which may include incoming and continuing L&C students, alumni, and faculty, and interested guests.

If you would like to be added to the macro group list serv, please request access.

Event Contact

Brian Dombeck,