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Art Kiosk!! Your participation is needed!!

Date: February 19 - March 3 Location: Watzek Library

Watzek Library

Have you noticed the wooden kiosk in our Atrium? For the next two weeks, the kiosk will be open and interesting things will be happening. For the work to be realized the Sculpture 2/3 students need your participation!! Click “more” to see the schedule and please come support artists and art doing surprising things for our community.

A Fake, A Trace, A Ruin - Misha Davydov
Lewis & Clark College Facilities Enhancement Office. Come by to make your contribution into campus beautification!

Remember this place - Sophie Schwarzenbach
A lesson on visualizing the aura and free gum!

Give A Gratitude, Get A Gratitude - Alex Silva
Feel like you’re stuck in a negative state of mind and can’t find your way out of it? Come by and help spread positive energy around campus.

Happiness in a Box - Jesse Maack
Feeling glum? Affected by SAD? Come recharge with some good old vitamin D, plus more!

A Book of New Connections - Keagan Polentz
Ever heard of missed connections on Facebook? Well, here is an actual opportunity to create those missed connections and make new ones with your fellow students, faculty, and staff!

Love Café: a space for self and external love
- Alaryx Tenzer
Lonely and touch-starved like every other college student? Come by for a hug, conversation, and self-reflection!

Groundings - Riley Kulfan
Anxiety, stress, and panic can physically manifest themselves, imposing their presence on our bodies. Help me to help you find a way to ground yourself in a world of interruptions.

Public Queery Booth - Francesca Beilharz
What is the earliest memory you have of being aware of being gendered by another person?

Drawing for Art - Riquel Dixon
Draw something for me and help me create a masterpiece!

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