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Student Leadership and Service (SLS)

Student Leadership & Service Visits Books to Prisoners

Date: 4:15pm - 9:30pm PST March 3

  • A pair of hands holds a book titled, “B2P” on the spine. It has a rose on the cover. The book and hands are surrounded by prison bars with chains breaking apart. On top it says, “Portland Books to Prisoners.” Underneath the book it says, “Inspiring the incarcerated.”

Join Student Leadership & Service as we package and send books to incarcerated individuals with Portland’s Books to Prisoners.

This venue is wheelchair accessible and we can provide accessible transportation if requested.

Transportation is provided.

We ask that this be a scent-free trip.

To RSVP you can also fill out this poll here.

Event Contact

To RSVP, address access questions, or gain more information, please email

Meet in Templeton 237