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Sentenced for a Season, Punished for Life: How Long Should People Pay for Past Crimes?

Date: 6:00pm PST February 26 Location: Thayer room @ Templeton Campus Center

  • Pamela Slaughter

Thayer room @ Templeton Campus Center

Many of us have grown up being told—and believing—that after a person serves their sentence for a crime, the slate is wiped clean. Every possibility exists for them to find a decent job, a decent apartment, a decent car. From there, they can go on to build a decent life. But the truth does not often bear out this scenario. A felony conviction can restrict travel options, licensing options for employment, housing, and financial aid, just to name a few. What does it mean to our society that 8 percent of our overall US population—and 33 percent of African American men—who have felony convictions run into these barriers after they serve time in prison? Join facilitator Pamela Slaughter in a conversation about how this reality affects our communities and what alternatives might look like.

This event is presented in partnership with Oregon Humanities’ Conversation Project. Please come prepared to share your perspective, learn for others and grow as a community.

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