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Colloquium: Advanced Lab Projects

Date: 4:15pm PST December 9, 2019 Location: Olin Hall - Room 204

Olin Hall - Room 204

December 9


Student Advanced Lab Presentations 

“Simulating the Falling Cat Phenomenon”
Sean Richardson, Will McDermott, Arden Rasmussen

“Seeing Sound”
Jerome Regovich, Jacob Vatter, Hank Moseley, Kyle Monteleone

“Thrust Vector Control in Model Rockets”
Stephen Baker, Michael Contreras, Mel Hoomanawanui

“The Creature”
Alicia Lehman, Clare Shapiro, Morgan Taylor


Lewis & Clark Physics Colloquia
Mondays, 4:15 - 5:15 pm, Olin 204
Refreshments in the Olin Foyer at 4:00 pm

Event Contact

Amy Timmins
Administrative Specialist