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Panel: What’s Going on in Hong Kong?

Date: 5:00pm PST November 11, 2019 Location: Miller Hall 105

Miller Hall 105

After nearly five months, peaceful protests in Hong Kong against an extradition bill proposed in April by the HK Government have expanded into a larger and more confrontational movement broadly in support of democratic rights.

The Hong Kong protests, largely by young people, have rocked the normally stable and orderly international financial hub and have become the greatest political crisis the city has faced in over half a century. They have also drawn attention to the unique situation of Hong Kong and its challenges, the rising assertiveness of China, the trajectory of US-China relations, and even politicization and censorship in American professional sports.

All are welcome to attend a campus-wide panel presentation and discussion titled “What’s Going on in Hong Kong?” that will focus on the political, historical, and social dimensions of the Hong Kong protests and their implications for the future of that city and the world.

This presentation will be held Monday, November 11, at 5:00 pm in Miller 105


Susan Glosser, History
David Campion, History
Tiona Wu, CAS ’22

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