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Sociology and Anthropology

SOAN C3 Speaker Series: Inequality in America: Sociological Reflections on Our Changing World:

Date: 3:30pm PDT September 24, 2019 Location: JRH 202

JRH 202

“The Gift that Pays? Balancing Morals and Money in Paid Plasma Donation,presented by Caty Taborda, PhD Candidate, Sociology, University of Minnesota 

For roughly $25 per donation, over one million Americans each year ‘donate’ their plasma to private corporations that export, process, and manufacture it into pharmaceutical products sold in a multi-billion dollar global marketplace. How does this hidden-in-plain-sight market continue to thrive and expand in the United States? The plasma industry does strategic cultural work to challenge cultural beliefs that altruism and money are at odds, all the while recruiting
donors and buyers alike with competing scripts about health,
responsibility, and (un)deserving bodies. 

Sociology and Anthropology

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