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Working in the World of International NGOs

Date: 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT April 16 Location: J.R. Howard Hall, Room 102

  • Jonathan Jennings
    Jonathan Jennings

J.R. Howard Hall, Room 102

Join Jonathan Jennings, Executive Director of Health in Harmony, as he shares his experience and offers advice for students interested in pursuing careers in International NGOs.

After completing his M.S. in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology in the U.S., Jonathan Jennings spent several formative years in Japan. He then flew to post-war Kosovo where he volunteered for two years with a grassroots development organization working with marginalized Roma-Gypsy communities inside embattled Serbian enclaves. He later joined Save the Children in the UK and earned his M.A. in International Politics and Security at Bradford University. In 2005, Jonathan joined Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres, spending the next decade managing medical programs in conflict zones and areas of indescribable humanitarian need including South Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Liberia, and elsewhere. He spent much of his career responding to, for example, Ebola Virus outbreak, the Syrian conflict, and famine in the Horn of Africa – all of which were (in)directly caused by climate change.

Realizing he was going to work every day to address the humanitarian fallout of a sick planet, in 2017 - after four years as Deputy Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Canada - Jonathan decided to transition into the role of Executive Director of Health In Harmony. He now leads this Portland-based planetary health organization working at the intersection of human and ecosystem health in order to reverse deforestation of tropical rain forests and curb global warming.

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